Dec 21 1863 Chattanooga

Chattanooga Dec. 21st / 63
Dear Uncle
Not having heard from you in some time I thought I would write you again & let you know that I am yet alive & all right. I have not heard from you but once for three months & that was by mother. I suppose however that you are very busy now days. Everything around Chattanooga at present is quiet. Since we drove Bragg away there has been nothing of importance here to disturb the daily routine of a soldiers life. I do not think there will be any forward
movement of the army until another spring & then if the rebellious states shall not have returned to allegiance we will push the miserable traitors into the Gulf of Mexico & then see if they will come to terms. Deserters are coming in continually from the rebel army. They have the same old story. Great disaffection in the ranks & an almost universal desire for peace. They claim there are many waiting to desert but dare not try it until they sure of getting clear of Jeff’s minions If the war should last a year longer & it prove as disastrous as the past year has been to them the fighting stock of the Confederacy will
be about played out. It is however all gammon to talk to talk of starving the confed’s They have more to eat than we do just at the present time. For the past two weeks our regt has been guarding a bridge across Chickaumauga Creek some 10 miles to the front & the country has plenty of forage. Cribs of corn are abundant & citizens have their garrets & cellars filled with wheat, flour & meal We just lived on the country & lived on the top shelf I tell you. I hardly think there will be a possibility of getting furloughs this winter as so many of the older regts are reenlisting and going home on furloughs There are eight Ohio regiments
in our division which came out in the first call for three hundred thousand & they have all enlisted in the veteran service. How are matters & things about Girard? I wish you would write me as soon as convenient. I can think of nothing of interest to write. Give my best respects to all. Write often as you can & I will do likewise.
Direct to me
Co. G. 105 OVI
2 Brig 3rd Div
14 A.C.
Yours truly
F.A. Pettibone
Mr. C.A. Pettibone