My Whiskey Journal

One of the things I learned in 2019 is that I don’t tolerate beer anymore. It dehydrates me and gives me stomach cramps.

So I’ve decided to make whiskey my beverage of choice. It’s American. As documented in Bourbon Empire, it has a colorful history (more legend than fact, in most cases). And in moderation it agrees with my system.

So here goes my whiskey journal.

My collection as of entry #1.

Woodford Reserve Rye

The Woodford Reserve Rye was a present from the kids Christmas 2018. The mash bill is 53% rye. According to this review Woodford Rye is a mix of two whiskeys, one column-distilled and one distilled in a copper pot. 90.4 proof.

Buffalo Trace

The Buffalo Trace was a gift from a friend who has toured the distillery. believes the Buffalo Trace mash bill to be high corn, with lesser amounts or rye and barley, giving it a sweeter quality. 90 proof.

Old Bardstown

The bottled in bond Old Bardstown was a gift from the same bourbon lover who got me the Buffalo Trace. According to Breaking Bourbon, the mash bill of Old Bardstown is 72% corn, 13% rye, and 15% malted barley. 100 proof.

Four Roses Small Batch

I picked up a 750 ml bottle of the Four Roses Small Batch 11/15/19 for 30.99 at the local grocery store. At 90 proof it’s a mix of the E and B mashbills plus their various yeast strains. Breaking Bourbon says the barrels that make up the Small Batch age for an average of 6-1/2 years. It has a nice buttery smell and flavor that remind me of chardonnay. But within the first 24 hours of my first taste I’m not convinced it’s worth the money.

Bulleit Rye (green label)

I got the Bulleit 90 proof, 95% rye mashbill for 23.99 in October 2019. It has a nice spicy kick. 90 proof

George Dickel #12

In my first tasting I found the Dickel pretty hot. It’s grown on me in the past month. Good value for $19.99.

Macallan 10 year scotch

Macallan 10 year

This was thoughtfully acquired in November 2019 by my son-in-law from his grandfather’s estate. After one sample I’m not sure I’m a scotch man.