Photos identified

One nice thing about throwing stuff on the internet is sometimes someone looks at it.

Last week I got an email from the grandson of the mystery couple in this picture:

The man in front is Fred J. Ackermann, RPh, and the woman on the left is Helen Campbell Ackermann. Fred was the pharmacist and partner of my grandfather Walter Coulter in the restaurant and pharmacy at the corner of Sloane and Detroit in Lakewood, Ohio. He also confirmed my assumption that the other couple are my grandparents.

Walter Coulter 1918-1983

The Coulter family moved to Lakewood, Ohio, from Wayne County in the early 1900s. They opened a drug store and restaurant at the corner of Detroit and Sloane in 1907.

Walter Coulter was born on September 9, 1918. He grew up in the family business. His proficiency in the kitchen made him a natural candidate to be a cook in the army.

Walter married Helen Kennedy on September 20, 1941. Their three children were born in 1943, 1955, and 1965.

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