Cocktail recipes

The Six-Foot Turkey The Turtle (Cherry soda) The Silliest Girls in All England (Cranberry vodka fizz) The Failure to Communicate (Fancy Free) The Lutheran West Football Highlight Reel (cranberry aperol spritz) The Gran Torino (Blood and Sand) The Hansen Brothers The Pledge Pin on your Uniform The Snake Plissken Do I Amuse You? (Casino) How… Continue reading Cocktail recipes

Revelation 13

The utterly unsentimental witness of the Apocalypse is that, in the larger scheme of things, the church needs to be prepared to lose, not because failure is good, but because this happens to be the nature of the story in which we are involved. Revelation (BrazosPress commentary by Joseph L. Mangina) Interesting to contrast the… Continue reading Revelation 13

Wedding of Helen Ruth Kennedy and Walter Coulter 9/20/41

September 20, 1941 Notes My parents met through Jack Tuck. Dad said Jack and Mom were on a boat off Oakwood Beach and Dad swam out to meet them. I remember visiting Jack Tuck with my mom some time after his wife Laura died. He was living in a mobile home in Elyria.

Under new management

In my usual fashion, I lost the previous incarnation of It was a custom coded site hosted by Linode. But when my credit card expired I failed to update the payment information. They tried to contact me but of course I wasn’t checking my emails. So they took the site down. No hard feelings.… Continue reading Under new management

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